Sunday, December 23, 2012

Queen A's Daily #10***GROCERY SHOPPING***


Oh, holidays... I moved to the country side for awhile and don't have a lot of events to attend, plus too far to go in town and party often, so I sleep and do movies-marathon a lot lately. The holiday brings out the housewife in me. I enjoy cooking and making new recipe. I went shopping today but for groceries only, but well, it's a reason to get dress a little bit and get out of the house. 

And this is how I dress for it :)

Studded leather jacket & Sweats: Zara/ Jeans: Cheap Monday/ Sunglasses: Alexander McQueen/ Bag: Longchamp legend/ Ring: BCBG: Boots: Philipp Plein.

My 1st time making Filet de rouget with mushroom and coconut sauce:)

*I'm Queen A, because I ain't no Queen B! Hand me card!


  1. Looks delicious, btw, you had to go to at least Manor or the other high class super market which name I forgot to have ppl appreciate ur outfit =]]. Next time maybe u can also take pictures while doing the shopping and show us how expensive it is to live in Geneva nowadays =]]

  2. Globus u meant? haha definitely, I've been in Geneva for 6y and can't count how many time I shopped at Globus and never went down to the food section. But I did the other day, sure will take pic next time cos it's so beautiful and well organized.

    Thanks for following my blog!