Friday, December 28, 2012

Queen A's Daily #14*Queen A Loves To Cook*


I don't know if it's still the holiday or it's just me enjoy being a housewife, I feel like cooking all the time( the cleaning part_not so much :P). Tonight, my friend and I invited a friend come over for dinner and I made a vietnamese tradition dish_Nems( springrolls). Even thou it's not my specialty and easy to do but took a long time and lots of mixed ingredients to prepare... Anyway, I'm so glad that my friends enjoyed it and we had such a good time. Of course, there's always champagne, piscine and wine... Plus, my friend brought delicious icecream for desert so thank you, Will!

Bien sur, It's an excuse for me to put on some jewelries and blow-dried my hair even I didn't step foot out of the house at all today!

How's about you guys? Still enjoying your holiday, cooking and eating a lot?


with William Grosrey

I'm not a bad housewife, am I?!? :>

Shirt: Zara/ Bracelets: Maje/ Jeans: Cheap Monday/ Panther ring: BCBG/ Skull Ring: Alexander McQueen

*I'm Queen A, because I ain't no Queen B! Hand me the crown !

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