Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Queen A's Daily #4*** THE MILITARY QUEEN***


Everybody is talking about the end of the world. Frankly, I couldn't care less. If it happens, it happens. I still have my life to live. I have school to attend next fall and a big family reunion after being away for 6 years where I get to see my little nephew.

This year is has also been special because not only have I started my blog, but I am beginning to be recognized for it. People are inviting me to different events, which of course always feels good.
So everyday, I just want to think of something to do that's worth my time. Put on a cute outfit and dress up for all the events I'm attending (Just incase the world collapses, that way I die pretty :P)
Everything is gonna be OK, people !

Jacket: Burberry/ Scarf: Zara/ Jeans: Cheap Monday/ Belt: Dsquared2/ Ring: Alexander McQueen/ Bracelet: Mango/ Bag: Gucci/ Boots: Philipp Plein

*I'm Queen A, because I ain't no Queen B! Hand me the crown!