Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Queen A's Daily #17***Ski Day***

***SKI DAY***


First day of 2013, I went to ski with my cousin and her friends in Chamonix_Mont-Blanc. This is the 2nd time I skied, 1st time was like 4 years ago and I wasn't so bad( or that's what I thought). This time, I can say: Skiing is so not my thing, I suck! I felt so many time and tried to get back to my ski but I couldn't cause I was in the middle of the hill and once I put one foot in, the other kept slipping down. I gave up after I felt like 100 times in half an hour-.-

Thanks God it wasn't so cold, because I forgot my ski jacket (who packed 5 handbags and 3 pairs of shoes to go to ski but a ski jacket, duhh), but I still had some fur on and found a cute Zara jacket from my friend. I hated the ski boots as well, I looked like 1 of the transformer robot and it's freaking painful walking in them! I also wore leather pants, not because it's fashionable but it's the only flexible pants I had to ski in.

Well, skiing wasn't really my thing but eating and drinking champagne was great. I was really hangover after New-Year-Eve-crazy-party and only slept an hour before we went so food and more drink were just perfect! We found a nice hotel near by named Les Aiglons. The food was beautiful and fabulous, BEST!
At the end, I still enjoyed it pretty much and happy my cousin and her friends did too! Nice time!

Any skiing experience you want to share? What do you wear to ski? Trench coats, leather pants and fur like me :D?

Love, Queen A

Trench coats: Zara (borrowed)/ Vintage leopard fur/ Leopard shirt: Zara/ Gloves: Ralph Lauren/ Leather pants: J Brand/ Boots: Koolaburra/ Handbag: D&G.

*I'm Queen A, because I ain't no Queen B! Hand me the crown !


  1. I love those stares with the black and white glimpse =]. Maybe a little eye lash wouldn't hurt?

  2. Haha Thanx! I'll let u know wen I get to that level of gayness :P

  3. And well, u dressed too much to ski, that's y skiing aint ur thing. Further, maybe it's me but u look like u had no neck in that coat... No offense thou!

  4. I know, it's not the right outfit to ski but honestly, it was very comfortable! Next time (if there's one) I'll definitely do a better preparation!