Friday, January 11, 2013

Queen A's Daily #21

Shirt, Pants & Shoes: Zara/ Necklace: Maje/ Ring: Alexander McQueen.

I wasn't a big fan of colorful clothes, I only wore black or dark colors and all that changed in the last few years. All the animal prints have invaded my wardrobe and now flower prints, my wardrobe is kinda colorful now. I admit it's not my style but I'm just loving the prints!

I wore a printed Zara shirt last night for dinner at home with my friends. Colorful and comfortable.

I had a great time. Again, I made a good chief and glad my friends enjoyed my Vietnamese traditional dish_Bun Bo Hue (Stir fired beef noodle salad). Lovely dinner, amazing company! 

PS: We had King Cake-Le Gateau de Roi, for dessert, my friend Lee was lucky to be the King cause he found the trinket, but he left me the crown so I had fun playing with it :>!

 *I'm Queen A, because I ain't no Queen B! Hand me the crown !

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