Thursday, January 17, 2013

Queen A's Daily #23***Business Casual***


Photos collected on the internet.

I enjoy watching all the Menwear Fall/Winter 2013 shows lately and look at photos of all the most fashionable men attending the show lately, I am amazed. I just love their styles and wish my future boyfriend would dress like that_simply, manly and style! Although, I prefer to look at them than actually dress like that all the time. Obviously, it's just not me!

Therefore, I had an appointment for my student visa the other day at the French consultant office. It's quite important and serious so I tried to dress "business-like(ish)". Well, I tried, cause "business-like" for me meaning I have to be manly-up and no bling bling-.-. So this is what I dressed for the appointment: serious and no bling but the leather sleeve still kept the chic look so... all fabulous :P!

What do you think? Do I look manlier than usual :>?

Scarf: Louis Vuitton/ Blazer: Zara/ Jeans: Cheap Monday/ Gloves: Ralph Lauren/ Bag: Yves Saint Laurent/ Boots: Bally.

*I'm Queen A, because I ain't no Queen B! Hand me the crown !

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  1. Hohoho, you still look like that "my fair lady" in one of her many Balenciaga business-like dresses in that series =]]]]