Monday, January 14, 2013

Queen A's Pick #2***SNEAKERS SENSATION***


During the past three years, my style has changed so much. I don't mind shopping for and wearing women's clothes anymore. Frankly, I got bored in the the men's section, not because they didn't have anything I was interested in but because of the sizes; they were always too big for me (even the smallest size) and well, the clothes were too manly or sporty. I didn't feel like myself while wearing them.

Same for shoes aka SNEAKERS (in my case). I don't even remember the last time I wore sneakers either, let alone buying them. Mostly, I wear loafers, moccasins and boots( in winter), sometime heels from my girlfriends :> (Oh, I only wear them for fun or for Halloween, but someday, I will definitely rock them on the street or whenever the hell I want! Someday!) Back to the sneakers (scroll down for photos) I just want all of them when I saw these ones. OMG, they're just fabulous and fierce! 

Don't you just love them? 

Queen A
Giuseppe Zanotti

Christian Louboutin


Jeffrey Campbell


  1. Shoes designer makes great shoes for ladies. I like wedge sneakers design, chic and elegant.

    1. Yes, don't you just love those! Thank for visiting my blog :)!