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***Charivari Boutique,Geneva***

***Charivari Boutique,Geneva***

CHARIVARI, one of my favorite boutiques in Geneva. The store has been in Geneva for nearly 20 years (there is also 1 in Lausanne and Zurich) but I only discovered it a few years ago. I'm sure every fashionista would fall in love with it once he or she walked into the store, cause I did, at first glance. The store carries no clothes, only accessories, __ (from shoes, handbags, hats, fancy candles and small decorations), and only the finest designs and designers only. 

You will love the decor_ here, they make you feel like you're at home and walking into your own closet but its never be the same cause they always move and change things around often. The boutique has a vintage feel yet its modern and fancy with all the most fabulous accessories. It's so warm with the dim yellow lighting and the whole place sparkles with colorful crystals and gold. 

Till last season, they used to carry Alexander McQueen, the best of collection only. I was so sad when they stopped it this season. That is the thing about Charivari, they're always trying to introduce the newest and the latest designers, changing the whole concept and bringing new trends and designers to their store even before they are on top and everybody is crazy about them.

I got most of my McQueen from here, cause as I said, they always have the best pieces from every collection and as a familiar client, I got a petit discount which I'm sure you will get it if you shop here that often. I love all the people here as well, from the boss to the staff. Everybody is welcoming and sweet, and once you talk about fashion, they will gladly carry on the conversation and  they each have their own styles as well.

14 years ago, they were the first store in Geneva who carried Christian Louboutin. He visited the store and loved it, he called it "chichi" like a friend and even drew a picture of a shoes and gave it to them as a souvenir.

Other than that, you can find Giuseppe Zanotti, Benard & Delfina Delettrez, Jade Jagger (daughter of Mick Jagger), Corpus Christi, René Caovilla... and the famous "Rolls Royce" of candle Cire Trudon etc

Hope you'll enjoy your shopping here, lovers!

Queen A

*Address :Rue d'Italie 8, 1204 Genève
 Tel     :022 310 31 75

From Louboutin to "chichi" with love

Benard and Delfina's design

Cire Trudon candles

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  1. Toujours aussi beau, je voudrais bien déposer mes créations chez eux.............

  2. Hi, I loved your post. Do you know who is the owner of this store?