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I'm sure everyone at every age could fall in love with this store cause they have everything! The store based between the shopping street and the old town of Geneva. You can easily recognize it with its colorful window and a sign with a cute ape sign with a needle crossed by a sword under it which is also the store's logo.

Walk inside the store and you will be amazed by all the colorful items  from kitchen supplies, toys, house decorations... to funky clothes!

As all trendy stores, Famous Ape changes its  decor_and updates their inventory every season. They always surprise you with the new things and every_time you walk in the store, you feel happy with the collection!

I still remember the  first time I walked into this store 6 years ago on my first day shopping in Geneva with my first salary. I was still a teenager and was all happy and excited! I bought my first Cheap Monday jeans and a pair of shoes and I have loved the brand ever since. Most of my jeans are Cheap Monday and bought from Famous Ape. I still come from time to time for the jeans but Famous Ape is also is a great place to buy presents for any event. They have clothes and toys for babies, sex toys for lovers and all kind of fun things for a slumber party or birthday and xmas...

Plus, the price is reasonable for your pocket and the staff are nice and friendly and will help with your shopping!

FYI, they also have Jeffrey Campbell( I bought my first pair_ from here)

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