Sunday, April 21, 2013

"Flower Illusion Collection" by Van Thanh Cong

"Flower Illusion Collection" 
 Van Thanh Cong

I had heard about of Van Thanh Cong before from Grand Prix Collection but had never actually seen his work nor the person himself. Tonight I went to his fashion show at Vedette Lounge, one of the chicest and hottest lounges in Hanoi.

I liked the name of the show, "Flower Inlussion" and the show was made so much hotter with Miss Queen Beauty Vu Hoang Diep, Super Model Ngoc Bich and all the best models in Hanoi. The collection inspired by all kind of flowers blossom in spring and the beauty of Viet woman. It's the designer's dream to do this collection to honor every Viet women. The main fabrics he uses are silk, sheer and lace make it more feminine, elegant and romantic.

It's an honour to catch an interview with Van Thanh Cong. VTC has his own label Van Thanh Cong and is currently chief designer of N&M and Chief of Designer Team at Viet Fashion Company. He graduated from Hong Bang University International in Art. He was finalist in Vietnam Grand Prix Collection 2000 and custom designer for the movie Nhung Co Gai Chan Dai 2004 and he has designed for so many faces from pageants and beauty contests (Phan Thu Ngan (Miss Vietnam 2000), Thanh Hang (Miss Universe Woman), Vu Hoang Điep (Miss Beach), Nguyen Thuy Lam (Miss Vietnam 2008). Their success was credited by many by the fact they were wearing VTC's design.

Even thought he didn't formally study fashion but he proved himself worthy. In 2010, he hosted a charity show named "Fashionably Loud" with 4 different collections in 2 nights and so many famous models.

He's now well known in Vietnam fashion industry but he's such a friendly person when I met him last night. He was happy to have a quick interview with me. We talked about his collection of the night and was pretty modest in saying: He's not very happy with it cause he made all the dresses in pretty short time..." But it's good enough to show and I can see a lot of people and fans had came to cheer him up. They liked the show!

VTC also told me he will be very busy in the next few months with his projects. Especially, designing a pageant dress for Miss Universe 2013.

I admire his passion and very much like the person even though we just met briefly. I wish him the best in life and especially in his up and coming career.


Queen A

with Van Thanh Cong & his fan

***I'm Queen A, cause I ain't no Queen B... Hand me the !***

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