Saturday, April 20, 2013

Queen A Out and About #9***VFW 2013, HANOI, Day 2***


2nd day at Vietnam Fashion Week Fall Winter 2013. I have to complain about something. I hate the heels (except for Cong Khanh's collection), maybe the budget wasn't enough or it's actually models own, I saw a pair of Loubies on the 1st day, I liked them cause they're the only one decent pairs there, not because they're Loubies but the rest of them were just ugly, unpolished, some looked like they were about to fall apart, and worse, nothing to do with the design! Plus, they have to rethink about the firework, it's fun to watch at first but then it got too smokey, smelly and dangerous for the model who holding it (except for some can't even start it). It's also annoying cause the models just had to keep circling on the catwalk until the fire ran out. 

However, the most importance thing was the design and I liked most of the design last night. Everything looked trendy (I can see the designers had influence or maybe they got some of the inspiration from other big designers but it didn't matter, they made it theirs and had a good collection to show); the fitting and finishing were good. Even the music was better featuring pianist Pho An My. I also like what they did with the screen but too bad, I couldn't take photos with it in the background at where I sat. Although, I could take lots of photos of the designs, check it out below)

I'm looking forward for tonight show which promises the best and boldest designers and their collections! 

TTFN, lovers!

Queen A
Designers of Day 2:


Francoise Hoffmann, Vu Viet Ha, Ha Duy, Cong Khanh

with my friends Le Hue Linh (winner of Cau Vong contest on VTV6) & Duy Anh ( fashion student at DHMTCN)
Fashionista, model, stylist I met from Project Runway VN (Zudy Paris, Thu Berry, Duy Kei)

My outfit: Blazer: Zara/ Top: H&M/ Jeans: Cheap Monday/ Bracelets: Maje/
Ring: Alexander McQueen/ Clutch: Maison Martin Magiela/ Shoes: Giacomorelli.

***I'm Queen A, cause I ain't no Queen B... Hand me the !***

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