Thursday, May 30, 2013


Pink in her clip "Raise your glass"

It is such an honor that my friends Lami and Atona asked me to be a contributor to their new magazine called OURS. This magazine will be launched online on June 1st and you can get the actual print magazine in 2014.
OURS Magazine showcases exclusive international talent as well as travel, fashion, fine cuisine, priceless beauty secrets and spa escapes. In illustrating the beauty and uniqueness of these aspects of culture. The magazine hopes to fuel development, understanding, and reinforce the importance of being good to yourself. OURS will begin by distributing print versions of the magazine to three cities internationally: London, Lagos, and Geneva. An online version will be able to readers outside of those locations.
Therefore, this is what I want to submit this month as they have a piece on 40s fashion and classic styles: The hairscarf. It's very popular at the moment, not to mention the easiest ways to bring in the 40s look. Little fact, this style wasn't a look for typical ladies back then but for working women at the factory which kept the hair out of theirs eyes and all the machines while working. It was a look for strong women who wanted to show that they could do what men could. However, it's still chic and pretty and very easy to do in everyday wear for modern women. You can choose a scarf which goes with your outfit, it makes you look prettier, practical from big events, to beach wear or just simply hiding a bad hair day in style.
Here is some of the fastest, easiest way to tie a scarf I know:
Queen A
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The Classic 40s
Versace for H&M scarf
The Private Chic
Alexander McQueen Scarf
The Gypsy 
Givenchy scarf
The Twisted Knot
Alexander McQueen scarf
The Simple Twist
H&M scarf
The Twist & Roll
Givenchy scarf
The Bow
Roberto Cavalli scarf
The Front Knot
Roberto Cavalli scarf
The Cross
Alexander McQueen scarf
The Roll-Over
Sandro scarf
The Triple Twist
Roberto Cavalli scarf
The Bohemian
Alexander McQueen Scarf

*Sunglasses & Rings: Alexander McQueen/ Necklace: Corpus Christi/ 
Bracelet: BCBG/ Earring: MAY boutique, Hanoi

**Special THANKS to photographer: Tam Pham 

***I'm Queen A, cause I ain't no Queen B... Hand me the...scarf :P!***

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