Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Queen A Out and About #12***ECOMIA FASHION SHOW***


Today, to celebrate World Environment Day, the ECOMIA fashion show took place in Sumvilla, Hanoi. The show introduced new designers (Cuong Bely, Huy Nguyen and Pham Thi Ly) with designs using only organic and naturally dyed materials. The show also honored the career of Dr. Hoang Thi Linh, who has spent her lifetime creating and mastering the technique of dyed material from leaves.
I admire Dr. Hoang's career, we need people like her in the fashion industry who love their job and always want to make the best of it.
Chula was a guest designer today and as usual, I really enjoyed his show. The designs are very practical and you can literally see what the design is about with prints and quotes on the clothes.
The show sent out a message about the importance of eco- fashion in the industry, how material made from natural is good for your health and still trendy and beautiful. I hope I can attend more fashion show like this to learn more about eco-fashion.

Queen A
 Cuong Bely
Pham Thi Ly
Huy Nguyen
Diego Cortizas del Valle

My outfit: Top: Zara/ Jeans: Cheap Monday/ Bag: Christian Louboutin/ 
Necklace: Maje/ Ring: Alexander McQueen & BCBG/ Shoes: Gucci

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