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I was so excited. This was the first time in the history of Project Runway, the final show and announcement of the winner were live on TV. 

The theme was all about Paris. Everything was well done, from the original white wall to the beautiful catwalk with the Eiffel Tower.The judges had their chairs in the middle with two big screens on the sides. Things looked simple but very impressive! The music was fun with all the remix of famous French songs like: Oui Mais Non, La Vie En Rose...Even the ticket was so nice, placed in a velvet box with a mini Eiffel Tower and silver lining.

As a lots of people predicted before the show about the three finalists' collection who should be the winner, saying they have similar styles... The show turned out to be different and had a lot of surprises!

The three finalists had a chance to go to Paris where they got the inspiration to make their final collections for Spring- Summer 2014.

Lam Gia Khang's collection was inspired by "The light of Paris", which he made with more than 3000 little sparkling flowers on silk. His structure and sewing skill wasn't perfect but he got lots of compliments as a young and ambitious designer, and I think he should be given credit for making it this far. One of the judge, Thien Huong, editor in chief of Harper Bazaar Vietnam disagree saying: I don't see LGK here but too much influence by Christian Dior". Oops!

Chau Chan Hung's collection was "The Garden of Paris" inspired by the garden of Christian Dior. He created his own flower prints on fresh colors, lots of color-blocking on different pieces (from shorts, tanktops to cocktail dresses and evening gowns) Chau Chan Hung won 2 challenges on the show for his great sewing skill but he wasn't at his best on the last challenge, and on this final collection which is the most important thing. I think that why he lost points.

Hoang Minh Ha's collection was confusing at first as he said he got inspired from the ocean but then he changed it to "The sunlight of Paris". He made the collection with more than 200m of fabric. People weren't so surprised with his collection. They clearly saw his style and the same structure as he always did during the show; although, he did the best job on the cut and finishing. The fitting was perfect. The color combination was good with different shades of yellow, beige and white. The collection followed the same direction. People might think he choose the safe way but his collection very practical, very ready to wear, and I'm sure he can put them in the store and people will easily buy them.

And Hoang Minh Ha won. A lots of people are upset about this result. They predicted (or wanted) that Chau Chan Hung would be the one, but I think Hoang Minh Ha deserved it. Looking back to the whole journey, Chau Chan Hung was good but as I said, for some reason, he wasn't at his best at the end. Hoang Minh Ha wasn't really bright at the beginning and I thought at the Maybeline Challenge (episode 6) he should have been the one who went home instead of Dang Hai Yen. But he got better and better at the last challenges and won 2. Now look at his final collection, he's the winner.

Project Runway VN was successful for the 1st season, despite a lot of difficulty and sometime bad quality in the editing (I expected to see more drama from the contestants and making-of their work which I knew they got cut short) the host was boring and the judges weren't really fun (especially when they cut off a lot of Chloe Dao's opinion just because she spoke English).

Anyway, I enjoyed the final show a lot. Can't wait to see season two and maybe this time I actually get in.

Queen A

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Ngo Thanh Van's pretty in DMC design 

MC Tung Leo

Lam Gia Khang's Collection:

Chau Chan Hung's Collection:

Hoang Minh Ha's Collection: 

with Hoang Minh 
with Tung Leo
with Truc Phuong, Hoang Minh & Thanh Duy
with Chloe Dao
with Hai Yen
with the winning model Le Quyen
with Truc Phuong
with Lam Gia Khang
Chloe Dao

with Hai Yen & Nha Truc
Project Runway VN team

My outfit: Scarf: Roberto Cavalli/ Top: Zara/ Jeans: Cheap Monday/ Bracelet: Maje/
Ring: Alexander McQueen/ Clutch: Chanel/ Shoes: Gucci

*All catwalk photos are from Project Runway Vietnam, the rest are mine.

***I'm Queen A, cause I ain't no Queen B... Hand me the ♕!*** 

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