Monday, June 24, 2013

Queen A Out and About #16***HO CHI MINH/ VUNG TAU JUNE 2013***

JUNE 2013

I had such a blast this time in Ho Chi Minh city. Aside attending the Grand Final Show of Project Runway Vietnam season 1,which was the highlight of my trip, I had a chance to meet so many talented people; made new friends and caught up with old friends; went to Vung Tau beach and discovered cool places and yummy food.

And of course, my interview with Belvedere design contest that I didn't think I got in. I wasn't 100% concentrate for my sketches and didn't have time to prepare for my presentation. I had a phone call said I have to meet the judges when I was already on my way to the airport. The next day I showed up with no print sample for my fabric and this was the reason I didn't stand a chance. Seems like it's still not my time yet!

Anyway, it's a good trip. I had so much fun. I missed Ho Chi Minh the moment I landed to Hanoi!

Queen A

Here are some of my photos and outfit details, mostly from Instagram, check it out for more HERE.

Take a look inside my hand-luggage which was always heavier than the check-in one even for a short trip. I'm always good at packing, I can't go anywhere without my accessories and each outfit I planned with different bags and shoes. Even thou my stuffs looked like weapons (with lots of metal and studded), I knew how to pack them together to fit in my hand luggage and passed the security with no problem (maybe because I have such a friendly face :P)

Plus you will see lots of pictures I was wearing the hairscarf because I wasn't so confidence in my new hair style (I blamed my hairdresser for making it from ombre to "omelette" -.-)

Belvedere interview 
( Judges: Model Thanh Truc/ Designer Adrian Anh Tuan/ Photographer Hai Dong)

My sketches

Love my new bracelet from Miu Le Shop
Shirt: Zara/ Jeans: Cheap Monday/ Clutch: Maison Martin Magiela for H&M/
Bracelet: Miu Le Shop/ Shoes: Giacomorelli

Top: by me/ Clutch & Ring: Alexander McQueen

Shirt: Zara/ Clutch: Maison Martin Magiela for H&M/
 Necklace & Bracelet: Maje/ Ring: Alexander McQueen

Top: by me/ Bag: Christian Louboutin/ Sandals: Giuseppe Zanotti

Clubbing: Scarf: Givenchy/ Top: Gianfranco Ferre/ 
Clutch & Ring: Alexander McQueen

with Bao Loan from Project Runway VN

Scarf: Givenchy/ Top: Zara/ 
Rings, Sunglasses & Sandals: Alexander McQueen

Top: H&M/ Sunglasses & Ring: Alexander McQueen/
Necklace: Corpus Christi/ Flip-flop: Miu Le Shop

Top: Lanvin for H&M/ Bracelet: Mango

Top: Zara/ Scarf: Roberto Cavalli/ Bracelet: Maje

***I'm Queen A, cause I ain't no Queen B... Hand me the ♕!*** 

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