Sunday, September 29, 2013

***Backstage Tiffany McCall Couture***


Yesterday, I volunteered working backstage for Tiffany's Fashion Week Paris at JW Marriott Hotel which was hosted by Tiffany McCall of Tiffany McCall Couture House. The show was dedicated for the designer's late mother, Peggy Ann McCall and it's always Tiffany's dream to create a Fashion Week for young talented designers.  

I was lucky enough to be assistant for The Ghost of Fashion and Production Right Hand Wo-Man Aminah L.Benjamin/ CEO & Creative Director of Liani International, LLC DBA The A.L.B Group. This woman is incredible, she has worked for over 1600 shows (including Victoria's Secret and New York Fashion Week...), she's really good at what she's doing and she's such a sweetheart. I enjoyed working for her and hope I will be in the future. 

There were 10 designers showing last night. Tiffany McCall Couture was the first one. The collection called "Femme Victorienne" S/S2014 inspired by Queen Elizabeth and Queen Marie Antoinette, with elegant designs, delicate silhouettes. Rich in royal colors of Avant-garde French lace from Calais France, luxurious silks by Yves Saint Laurent and Swarovski Crystal

There's a real fashion emergency right before the show about to start. Half the collection was missing. Everybody was freak out and looked everywhere, no luck until all of us had to move outside and got our bags checked. The collection was misplaced in some suitcase. It was a big relief for everyone and the show went perfect after all. Tiffany was happy!

I was multitasked, I helped anyone I could help, did whatever my boss told me too. I took a lots of pictures (which I will post later on with all separately designers) and networking, making friends and contacts. Moreover, I had fun :)!

It was a long day but always felt good experience doing what I love and meeting beautiful, fabulous and talented people.

Stay tune for more of this great night!

Queen A

with Tiffany McCall

***I'm Queen A, cause I ain't no Queen B... Hand me the ♕!***


  1. Hello,

    It was such a great night. How could you be an assistant for that show?

    1. Hi. I just applied online and I guess I was lucky that the first person I met was the produce :)