Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Packing and worrying about overweight luggage charges is the story of my life! I'm good at packing, everything always looks nice and fits perfectly, but the suitcases are always too heavy. Even my hand luggage which is probably the most important piece, seeing as it carries all my jewelry and expensive things. So far, I've never had a problem with checking in... Maybe because of my charm... Until today! Even my charm didn't have much effect...
Everything was fabulous at first. I chose to fly via Qatar airlines as it was the cheapest option to go to Paris. I didn't expect the overweight charge which was so freaking expensive!! 50usd/1kg. I had already sent 20kg to Paris by post. I still have 2 hand luggages each 20kg and check-in luggage 12kg overweight.
The lady at the reception asked me to take some stuffs off to carry on or give them back to the family. Yea right, do you people ever travel without the things you need? Anyway, I put my baby face on with my manga eyes and told her: 'Could you please please please just let me go as it's my first year at school and all this is just for the school? I'm just a poor student and 600usd to pay for overweight is too much for me!' She kept saying no until I made a deal with her: '"I'll pay 3kg on papers and hope that she could take some "petit prix" aside from me... She said ok!" In the end, I didn't have to pay nothing cos her colleague said it's only 3kg, I can go. I was so happy and gave her that 'petit prix' I promised anyway.
I happily said goodbye to my friends and family and didn't think my hand luggage woukd be a problem. This is where things went sour. The bitch, who afterwards checked my hand luggage, was the real pain-in-the-butt from her face to her attitude! She's like: 'I don't care, take your stuff out, period! 30kg for hand luggage is way too much!' I had no choice but go back and pay for one of my hand luggage. It's not just the charge I was worried about, it's that that it's my everything. All my McQueen, Chanel and Loubies were in there, inside my Gucci tote which doesn't have a zipper. I never thought I would have to check it in like that. Therefore, I had to put it inside a cardboard box and tape it up. I was just praying that "all my babies" would arrive safely to Paris. They are my soul, my fucking everything!
Back to the check-in counter... again, with my baby face and manga eyes, this time even with some tears... I still had to pay 750usd. I could have bought a business class ticket with that money or even buy my luggage a fucking ticket so it could just sit next to me on the plane while I'm sipping champagne like a fierce bitch!
After calming down a bit, my world was once again shaken: I had real fashion emergency! The handle of my Yves Saint Laurent snapped off! My heart literally STOPPED! I couldn't believe this was happening to me after everything! Why NOW? I was about to be late for my flight and still had to ask for a stapler and some tape to fix it. Nothing worked! It's like a mini project runway on the plane, I tried to think of everything to fix it. Finally, I though about my camera string handle to pull them together. It was a make-it-work moment, but I would have to finish it once I landed in fabulous Paris!

SJP and movies marathon kept me company during the long fly 

It's such a huge relieve I got them all together at once!
Voilà, je suis la :)!

Cheers, lovers

Queen A

***I'm Queen A, cause I ain't no Queen B... Hand me the ♕!***

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