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In today's world, fashion can mean different things to different people. To me, fashion is not simply all the beautiful and trendy things we see in stores and magazines. Fashion is art, expressed through needle and cloth.  Fashion is a lifestyle. Fashion has a voice of its own and every individual uses that voice to express themselves. When it comes to fashion, I don’t only follow the trends, I use the trends to express my own voice and personality. I use fashion to allow people to see who I am and let them know what I am capable of.

I have been interested in fashion since as long as I can remember. When I was three years old, I would host fashion shows in my mother’s bedroom. She would turn on the music and I would create clothes from towels, scarves, anything I could find in her closet. I would make them into clothes, appear from behind the curtain and strut down the bed using it as my personal catwalk. It was from that moment that I started dreaming of being a fashion designer. After that taste of the catwalk at an early age, I went on to have my own fashion show in high school where I created the entire show. I sketched out the designs, bought fabrics and got to see my designs come to life. Watching models go down the catwalk wearing my clothes was one of the best moments of my life and one that I would love to create professionally. 

Whilst joining the fashion industry has been my dream for a long time, it wasn't an easy path to choose growing up. In the small town in Vietnam, where I come from, fashion wasn't a priority for most people and the idea of having a successful career in fashion was unheard of. In order to afford beautiful clothes and fashion magazines, I would skip a meal or two. Growing up, while other children were out playing, I would spend my free time sketching and researching the latest  international fashion trends. After my mother's death when I was sixteen, and my dad was always on business trip, my sister became my guardian, she took care of me and made all decisions for me. Therefore she chose Hotel and Tourism as my profession and forced me to study it, because she thought Fashion school is too expensive and it's a risk to spend so much money on something artistic. She encouraged me to study in the Hotel and Tourism industry because it is a traditionally marketable skill and a much safer option than following a career path where only the top one percent are considered successful. I could have fought harder and rebelled against her but that is a difficult thing for a teenager to do and I was grateful for the help she was providing. I had to choose: either to leave the confines of my small town, experience a new life in Europe and see the world and train in a profession that that would be useful internationally or stay in Vietnam with limited opportunities. Back then, I couldn't imagine staying in Vietnam. I had a thirst for international culture and fashion and saw the world as being bigger than my small town in Vietnam.  In my first year of Hotel school, there were moments when I wanted to quit but I wasn't a quitter then and I am not a quitter now. I finished my degree in Hotel and Tourism to please my sister and to always have a skill to fall back on if necessary. It is my experience in this industry that has allowed me to work and save money for Fashion school someday. My dream of becoming a fashion designer is like a fire that never dies inside me and I have realized that if I am going to make it as a fashion designer, I have to achieve this on my own. This is even more true, since my father's death last year. For the past few years, I have been working in Geneva to save up for the tuition to obtain a degree in fashion design. I have finally reached that goal, through lots of hard work and I'm now ready to take the next step.

My ultimate dream would be to have my own fashion label that carries clothes, accessories, handbags and shoes. I will know that I have made it when I have my own runway shows in Paris, New York, London and Milan. I have notebooks, scraps of papers and napkins with sketches from the past ten years with my creations. They show how my personality has developed over the years and I have expressed it all through my designs. I would love to be able to put them all together to create my own fashion label and share  it with the world. My wish is to be able to inspire people with my designs and to see them showcased in magazines and storefronts. 

I believe that International Fashion Academy is the first step of many to achieving my dreams. When I look at the course options available to students, I just want to copy paste the entire list and say give that as my reason for choosing the International Fashion Academy. I hope that through the courses, I will learn formal techniques for sketching, tailoring, garment construction and design. I am eager to learn how to use a computer to create designs. I feel that courses the courses ranging from drawing to trends and forecasting to final collection production and marketing would help me truly reach my goal of having my own label one day. I am excited to work with the professors who are industry professionals so that I can learn from their real world experience.

I realize that my dreams are big but I feel that they are attainable, especially with the courses available at the International Fashion Academy. My fashion idol, Alexander McQueen started from nothing, even leaving school at an early age and taking an apprenticeship in a tailor’s shop. I too, am willing to start at the bottom to reach my dreams. I have been working as a waiter, holding down three jobs at a time sometimes to achieve my immediate goal of attending the International Fashion Academy as for me that is the first step towards learning new skills, getting an internship that will open even further doors for me along the way of becoming a top fashion designer. I look forward to joining the class of 2013 and fulfilling my dreams. 

I actually got in The Art Institute of New York as well but at the end I choose IFA Paris for all the reasons above, and I haven't done with Europe yet!

Anyhow, two weeks ago, I was so scared I wouldn't make it because I had my visa refused by the embassy in Vietnam. Thanks McQueen I didn't give up! I tried again and asked for all the helps I could to make my dream happen. And I made it! I was super happy when I hold the visa in my hand. I might not a winner yet but I am a fighter and always a survivor!

Today was my first day at school. I've never been so excited to go school before. The new school is new, big and in such a nice neighborhood. The teachers seem nice and very serious about school, I promise I'll always try my best. I made some new friends already, we are going to buy school supply together tomorrow. Highlight of the day is I got to work at Roberto Cavalli show at Paris Fashion Week this year. How awesome is that! I'm still shaking just thinking about it. Everybody wanted this spot and only 10 people got them, I was the very first one to put my name on the list! How lucky I am, I'm so excited for everything! 

I'm proud to be the new student of IFA, Paris!

Thanks Mom and Dad, I know you guys still always look after me, I'll do you proud!

Thanks to everybody who still believe in me, supporting me, praying for me and people who wrote me amazing recommendation letters so I could ask for my visa again!

I'm blessed!

Queen A

Fighting for Roberto Cavalli :D

with Marie, who I asked for direction outside the school and turn out she's my new classmate :)

Lunch with another classmate Ann and her bf Marvin
My outfit today:
Coats: Zara/
Top: Maje/
Bag: Be&D/
Jeans: Cheap Monday/
Boots & Ring: Alexander McQueen.

***I'm Queen A, cause I ain't no Queen B... Hand me the ♕!***

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