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Founder & Designer of CHULA

*3 words describe your design?
Humor/ Happiness/ Classicism.

*3 words describe yourself?
Sleepwalker/ Stubborn/ Peacemaker.

*Name the women that influence your aesthetic the most?
Of course, my wife Laura but about famous people, Frida  Kahlo, Nina Simone.

*Who would like to see in the music industry dead or alive? And what you would say to them?

I love specially Musas as Nina Simone, Edith piaf, Nina Simone...I would be incredible that they were alive and still singing ;-)

*Best moments for your creativity?
Rainy night/ Train trip/ Book store visit.

*What is your favorite singer right now?

*3 favorite cities?
Hanoi/ Lisbon/ Rio de Janeiro.

*3 vietnamese food you like?
Gà tần/ Cua rang me and any kind of Chè. 

*Champagne or Sangria?
Sangria (with friends).

*3 things your scared the most?
Dentist/ Amusements parks/ Spicy food.

*3 favorite designers?
Schiaparelli/ Bansky (also an art street artists-graffiti)/ Isemiyaki.

*Name a model you want to shoot for your next campaign? 
Hmm... so good models in Vietnam, it's impossible to  say just one name.

*3 things you want to achieve in the near future?
Make more Chula designs/ 
Make Chula space a cultural center point for artists/
Start a line for men.

Thank you, Diego,
For the interview, the delicious coffee, the pictures and a Chula tour.
I love the new show room and wish you all the best for your future plan!
Queen A
You can read more about Chula: HERE

Diego with his biggest muse, his wife, Laura Fontan

with Laura and his youngest kid, Yago

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