Wednesday, October 16, 2013



with Swarovski Creative Director Nathalie Colin

Once again, I was lucky to be one of a few students from IFA who worked for the Swarovski Fashion Show at Versailles Orangerie.

It's Swarovski so it was all about the jewelry and the bling. Everything was well made and very detail from the tiny piece of bracelet to the whole dress made from Swarovski crystals and chains. The whole collection was playful with animal prints and mix-match jewelry. It was Swarovski paradise. I loved loved loved everything!

I dressed the final look and my model Jessica got the coolest necklaces. Yes, necklacesss! She had like 10 chains around her neck and a big medal piece in the middle with studded. It's super impressive. I wanted that look on me! 

I pretty much enjoyed everything, the Versailles garden, the macaron and champagne (not every show I got to eat and drink my favorite things so cheer to that ;)).It's always fun to meet new people who has the same passion in fashion and making new contacts in the industry. Even just looking at the jewelry made me happy. They're so pretty!!!

It was my honor to meet the Creative Director Nathalie Colin as well. She was so nice and has such beautiful smile. Loved her dress and how she accessorized it that night with Swarovski cuff and gold belt. We had a little chat and I had a chance to told her how I'm such a fan of Swarovski and her fabulous designs. She also told me she's been to Vietnam so many times and loved it.

Here are all the backstage pictures I took that night:
Queen A

with my model Jessica and C.D Nathanlie Colin

Private dinner tables

My model look

 My IFA team

Gift from Swarovski 
I was wearing my McQueen ring made of Swarovski crystal too ;P!

***I'm Queen A, cause I ain't no Queen B... Hand me the bling-bling!***

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