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A months since school started, I already have 2 weeks vacation. I miss school. I don't need vacation (yet)!

If you asked me 2 weeks ago if I really enjoyed school, I would have lied cause I was disappointed about it. Everybody had done their first year in fashion school warned me about the craziness of 1st year student, especially when you start your new life in a different country. It was slow and I didn't really enjoy some classes, I was bitching about one of the teacher and her teaching skill (and English) a lot (sorry not sorry but it is what it is, everybody was doubting her teaching skill and tried not to fall to sleep in that class). I hated maths and numbers, that's why I was slow in pattern making but 1 make-up class and now I understand it better. Things started going at Fashion Design cause finally we got to draw and learn something. I always though I was bad at technology and computer stuff but I'm pretty good in photoshop and I enjoy Computer class. Fashion Workshop is so much fun with outdoor activities... All I need now is improving my sewing skill in Sewing class, we need more days for sewing! I'm really ambitious about learning anything relate to fashion design and I want the challenge!

However, I didn't have much plan for my vacation but I did enjoy a few things so far. 

Now I'm working as a freelance photographer for Trendstop. I take product photos in-store for them. At first I though it's easy but no, it's not. Because nowadays, they don't let you take photos in store. I had to be very fast (and sneaky) when I'm doing it. Sometime I took clothes in the changing room and take the pictures there. This is also hard because I wasn't suppose to spend money. Can you imagine a shopaholic in a retail store and actually try on those beautiful clothes then not buying anything? :( I was sad but when I walked out the store with my photos, I've done my job without buying shit, I was proud of myself :P!

I went on a little US-magazines hunt as well. I don't know if the French hate the American that much or why I can't find US magazines like Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, Marie Claire anywhere. I literally entered every stand, tabac and book store I passed by. It's rare and when I found them, it's a month later, I hate reading late magazine. You suppose to read fashion magazine right when they come out to update the trend and every fashion news! I know I can buy them with my ipad but I love it more in papers! I even love the smell of real magazine!

I found this little Design Library in Chatelet where they had all the coolest coffee table books to draping, pattern making and drawing books... but sadly, they are closing in the end of this week. I wish I had more money to buy all those books because everything was 50% off as a part of liquidation. My best buys were Chanel Little Black Book (new edition) and a pattern magic by Tomoki Nakamichi.

I also walked a lot around Paris (I hate walking and climbing stairs) but it was worth it, I've discovered a lot of interesting streets, architectures and stores. I found this vintage store in Saint Honore where they have second hands stuffs and OMG, F-U-R! So many vintage and fabulous fur coats, from noone to Miumiu, Prada, Escada, Louis Vuitton... I want them all! Where is ma sugar daddy?!!

Well, aside from all that I just enjoyed my coffee here and there and when at home, cooking and having fatty food or flipping magazines while eating champagne ice cream... made my vacation!

If you are in vacation, enjoy it too! If you are not, you'll appreciate it more when it comes ;)!
Queen A

The fur heaven :o
This faux fur from H&M is amazing, I'm impressed.

Having my Miley Cyrus moment with this H&M crop top. If I ever wore crop top in public,
 I really have to go easy on my homecook meal and the icecream :D

***I'm Queen A, cause I ain't no Queen B... Hand me the ♕!*** 

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