Thursday, November 14, 2013



I wasn't so crazy about this collection. Isabel Marant is not really my type. Honestly, I was even disappointed at first because I was expecting  the rumor that it's Givenchy for H&M this year to be true so bad. 

Although I went. I didn't know why I got all excited the last few days and tried my best to make it. Cause at the same time, I might miss a presentation at school. And I made it both, I caught the first train to go to the nearest H&M and made my queue. I wasn't as cray cray as people said about the H&M collaboration in Paris, I've read some article last year said there're people queueing at 1am in the morning in this cold, camping and all. I love shopping but 1am in the morning is just cray! (well, if it's McQueen or Givenchy for H&M, maybe I'd get on that level of cray) 

I was expecting the wristband as they always did so I could go and tranquille have some coffee until it's my time to shop. So I actually just sat there at the door and waited for 3 hours. I only slept for 2 hours last night after work and then more homework needed to be done so I needed the coffee. 4am in the morning, it's still dark and 2 degree outside. Luckily, the shop was inside a mall so it wasn't that cold. They even served croissant and coffee for the queue, it's pretty nice of them! And I was in the first group that got in...

One thing I hate was the store assistants. They weren't helping at all. There're like 100 of them when only a group of 20 shoppers each 10 minutes. Each of us were supposed to have one to help us with all the stuffs and sizes. But no they did'nt, bitches just stood there and pointed finger "C'est tout la" Dumbasses, if I could find them I wouldn't need you and you know how crazy it is with only 10 minutes to shop in this day! 

Anyway, I'm glad I went and happy now that I got what I wanted from the collection and always a good shopping experience to share :)Loving those sweater that I got, one of them looks like a mop, but I don't know why I love it so yea, I'll rocking that mop! It'd be perfect if she put some heel sneakers in this collection thou!

Did you go today and happy with your shopping?
Queen A
I was so excited, I didn't feel cold at all!
 A happy shopper!

Sweaters for him & for her, both for me!

***I'm Queen A, cause I ain't no Queen B... Hand me the ♕!***

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