Saturday, November 9, 2013



I'm so glad I got back to Geneva and got to see all my stuffs again. It's a reunion with my wardrobe!First thing when I got to my friend's house where I stored all my boxes in his garage, I opened the one with all my McQueen and kissed each one of them, oh my babies, how much I missed them!!!

I had to unpack and pack again to bring most of my stuff to Paris. I underestimated how many thing I left in Geneva. It's like Xmas, I was so excited and happy to open all the boxes and saw all of my favorites, even thou they're all mine :D Changed to my favorite oversize t-shirt, put on my Sandro fur coats and glitter Choo ( I felt like Cindrella in my own shoes :>), opened a bottle of rosé... and it was  a happy packing! 

All though, I blamed the bank holiday in France so I couldn't use the delivery package service I ordered. Therefore, I only choose to pack the most importance things like my clutches, jewelries, coats and shoes... Still, there were 2 big suitcases and 2 travels bags. I looked stupid and helpless when my train arrived in Gare de Lyon Paris. Noone there to helped me and couldn't even find a trolley. With all the energy I had left and was still a bit hangover from the night before, I tried to pied my sh*t on top of each other, pulled them from aside, pulled them forward, pulled and walked backward just to get to the cab station... I thought it's going to end when I got there but the real nightmare was here. It's raining and cold and the queue waiting for the cab longer than my TGV train.

Finally after an hour, I got a cab with a nice driver. Didn't think I'd be home without him. One of my bag broke and shit falling out and I didn't have any energy left to carry all of my things to the second floor!

Never again! Next time, I will make sure I had a package service working while I'm in Geneva!

I swear, story of my life, I'm such a hoarder! But now I have all my beautiful thing hanging in my wardrobe, I can't be happier ;)!

Queen A

I can't wear anything manlier than this! No foundation, hoodie, sweatpants and sneakers, menggg!

Hoodie: Unrated/
Sweatpants & Shoes: Zara/ 
Rings: BCBG/
Bags: Givenchy & Gucci.

***I'm Queen A, cause I ain't no Queen B... Hand me the... trolley!***

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