Monday, December 23, 2013


From top left to right: Giuseppe Zanotti sandals/ Alexander McQueen clutches/ Celine/ Givenchy/ Alexander McQueen clutches & backpack/ Valentino/ Giuseppe Zanotti boots/ Kardinale loafers.

  Dear Santa,

I've been an awfully good boy this year. I got myself to fashion school, found 2 jobs in Paris so I could afford my next year and I haven't shopped much. My wish list is very very very loooooooong! I won't ask for much, just a few things on top of my list. Like: 

All these McQueens, you know I love McQueen and I can't miss those limited edition box clutches. I'm dying to have them and oh my god, the new design with the panther took my breath away. 

As I have school and have to carry lots of school supplies, I need big bag(s). I wouldn't mind that pink Celine which I think that last forever or the latest pink/camouflage tote from Valentino ( I don't mind more colors in my wardrobe at all) I haven't worn backpack since 5th grade (cause I don't want to look like one) but this McQueen studded leather backpack is just so cute, please lemme have it! A classic black with a cute bambi from Givenchy is great too!

Then some shoes, those Giuseppe Zanotti boots are on sale on, I'm sure it won't be a problem for you. I always wanted a dragon loafers so would love to have those Kardinales!

I know it's still winter but it's ok if you also send me those Zanotti fish and scorpion sandals, in both colors would be fabulous!!!


You can find them online at,,,

I will be expecting you (and my presents)!

PS: If those aren't fit in my chimney, an envelope with cash or gift card would be fine!


Queen A

***I'm Queen A, cause I ain't no Queen B... Hand me the ♕!*** 

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