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I said I didn't need the last vacation but I do need this one. I won't complain about anything but I was exhausted! I'm glad I survive the last week at school and done with all my projects and didn't miss a day at work cause I was sick. After 10 hours sleep and 5 pieces of chocolate cake + 2 lemon slices for dinner, I was fully charged for this holiday!

The first 2 days, I spent my time shopping. It was my first experience with Le Bon Marché. And I loved it here. As Printemps and Galeries Lafayette, they selected all the good brands and the decoration is spectacular (I especially liked the clouded book with the designer's names on it) but the service is so much better! You know people are nice to you or not the moment you walked in stores or boutiques! The way they said Hi and welcomed you or at some place, they didn't even say anything at all cause they thought they are better than you cause they worked here and they would treat you as you can't afford this shit! Not at Le Bon Marché, I really enjoyed my first time here. The seller were super nice and chatty. I like a seller who are nice and know what they are doing. Maybe they were all trained well and it's the best policy of the mall! I remembered the guy at Louis Vuitton told me after served me glass of orange juice:"That's why and that what we do here at Le Bon Marché!"

I spent half the day there and then spent sometime with my friends, having my hot chocolate and piscines here and there... Finally watched the new Disney movies Frozen. Loved it and Elsa's dress is fabulous! She's now my favorite queen of Disney!

How you enjoyed your holiday so far, lovers?

Wish you all the best! Prepare yourself for the big SALE after holiday!
Queen A

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Started with breakfast at Louis Vuitton

My new home address in Paris
My angels
On the hunt for a new big bag for school

The pink Magiela sleeves

in Kenzo scarf

My dinner

Piscine time @UNISEX

Added Tom Binn and Heaven Tanudiredja to my Xmas wish list!

Idea of the perfect Xmas tree!
Another breakfast at Lafayette


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