Wednesday, January 1, 2014


***NEW YEAR EVE 2014***

Coats: designed by Nicky Vu/
Clutch & Ring: Alexander McQueen/
Top & Jeans: Zara/
Scarf: Louis Vuitton/
Boots: Givenchy/

This shot was taking after my crazy night out last night! It's actually 7am and we were looking for something to eat which we never found. Because on the way we met a guy and he brought us to a boat party! How crazy was that!

I didn't make any plan for New Year Eve, I spent sometime shopping in the morning, bought myself something and enjoyed my time alone reading and drinking coffee. I made myself 2 dozens of chicken wings before I decided to go to a friend's house party. I actually wanted to stay home and being 100% fatty boom boom with ice cream and Sex and the city cause I knew it'd be crazy with so many people outside, no cab, nowhere and forget about the metro! 

After the party at my friend's, we went out to find a club and I ended in a club in a middle of nowhere. I didn't even know the place's name but it was awesome! 3 glasses of champagne later, I  danced like cray on top of the bar and made friends with everyone around me. Shame that the hottest guy I saw turn out to be a crazy psycho who got into a fight and hit the other guy with his head, the other guy lose 3 teeth! Crazy New Year Eve, so random but I had fun and that's what matter. I got sober up on the way home. I swear, these Givenchy are fabulous but dancing and walking all night in those were not so much fun (what can I say: No pain, no gain!) and still snap an Instagram pictures of my feet on the train :D

How was your New Year Eve, lovers! Bet you had a great one too!

Queen A

PS: Loving this fabulous coats designed by my talented friend Nicky Vu! Contact me for more information about his design  or if you want to order his design!

Selfie before I went out
During the party, asked bartender to take a decent picture of me :D
On the train home

***I'm Queen A, cause I ain't no Queen B... Hand me the ♕!*** 

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