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I never would have thought that my email to volunteer for Paris Fashion Week turned out to be working for the Elie Saab Pre - Fall 2014 photoshoot. I was so excited! It's Elie Saab, one of the biggest names in the Fashion Industry, especially Haute Couture. Every girl dreams to be in an Elie Saab gown and me, I want to work for them (well, maybe if there's a gown for me, I would definitely wear it too :P)

The Elie Saab building is located in 105 Rue de Av.Raymond Poincaré, 75116 Paris. It looks like any other building on the street but brand new inside with a mix of the old Parisian architecture with modern touches, filled up with light from big windows, beautiful chandeliers and shiny metals.

Elie Saab himself wasn't there but his son, Elie Saab Jr. who was in charge of the shoot as well as the amazing team including: Sophia Neophitou , Editor in chief of 10 Magazine and Creative Director of Harper's Bazaar UK and of Victoria Secret's Show and Photographer: Diego Diaz...

And of course, the clothes were amazing!  It's Elie Saab after all! I wouldn't have to say much about this fabulous collection, Elie Saab got a pretty good review on (where you can see the whole collection)

I felt lucky to see and touch the collection before it hit and the process of making it all of perfection. It was my honor to work for Elie Saab and this amazing team. 

Check out my video and moments backstage:

Queen A


Good morning, Elie Saab

Oh so soft!

Taking a break and looking through this amazing Elie Saab book!


Tanya's funny moments

with Foxy Kate

My new buddy, Olivia from Esmod :)!

Good night, Elie Saab... Till next time!

***I'm Queen A, cause I ain't no Queen B... Hand me the crown ♕!***

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