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I'm always glad coming back to school after vacation even thought I had no vacation at all, I was busy with work, work and school work. Back to school, I feel like I have a life again, fashion school is my life ha ha. Although time flies so fast, it's nearly the end of the year already. How much I have learned in IFA Paris and still, I want more. I'm so super excited for all the new projects and the final of the first year students. 

This week, coming back to school, I felt like wearing blazer everyday and I call it "Blazer week".

Wish you all have a very productive week!

Queen A

Blazer & Pants: Zara/
Tshirt: Vogue/
Bag: Gucci/
Shoes & Ring: Alexander McQueen.

Wearing snake skin prints for a presentation about a "Snake" collection for Fashion Design.

Blazer, Top, Shoes & Pants: Zara/
Ring: Alexander McQueen/
Bag: Thomas Wylde/
Cuff: BCBG.

In Pattern Making & Draping class:

 Having fun making stencil (pattern by Thomas Wylde)

Blazer & Pants: Zara/
Top & Ring: BCBG/
Clutch: Givenchy/
Boots: Philipp Plein.
Attending Business Fashion Forum with my lover Christine Evans, wearing:
Coats, Blazer: Zara/
Pants: Cheap Monday/
Scarf: Louis Vuitton/
Ring & Boots: Alexander McQueen/
Bag: Givenchy.

In sewing room, wearing:
Blazer, Top & Pants: Zara/
Scarf: The Koople/
Boots: Bally/
Ring: Alexander McQueen.


In Fashion Work Shop, making paper dress, wearing:
Blazer & Pants: Zara/
Scarf, Ring & Boots: Alexander McQueen/
Bracelet: Queen & Cult, H&M, Maje/
Bag: Chanel

After presentation of my latest collection "Fleeting Beauty" (more will be on the blog soon), wearing:
Blazer & boots: Zara/
Jeans: Cheap Monday/
Top: H&M/
Ring: Alexander McQueen.

***I'm Queen A, cause I ain't no Queen B... Hand me the crown♕!*** 

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